gourmet cookies atlanta

If Its Gourmet, It Could Be Homemade

Did you know that working as a baker could be one of the hardest jobs in the world to do. And here is why. It is business as usual for your local or downtown baker to be up at around three in the morning while you are still in Lala land. Unless, of course, you are still working nightshift or getting ready to deliver the first round of fresh dairy cream milk to the local neighbors. And in which case, you stand in line to be the first to benefit.

gourmet cookies atlanta

What is this all about then? Well, your local baker is hard at work downstairs in his basement busy with the day’s bread rolls and loaves. He might also be putting in a little extra nowadays owing to the fresh insistence for gluten-free bakery options. Anyhow, by the time you are at the door, say around six in the morning, you stand in line to collect rolls and croissants that are still warm. You’ll have them to go with your breakfast.

Later in the week perhaps, just before the weekend knocks on your door, you’ll be collecting a bag or two of gourmet cookies atlanta delivered. Where did the inspiration begin to deliver such fine and scrumptious cookies? It could have started in the baker’s kitchen. Or maybe he sat at his dining room table around the corner, busy playing with recipe ideas in his mind. And then back to the kitchen to test them out.

Trial by error perhaps, it is the final delivery that gets to you, positively speaking. Okay, so now it is time for breakfast then. So how about a nice fresh and warm muffin instead. Goes real nice with grated cheese on the side.